Wildcat Football Requirement Expectations | 2022

  1. Players will attend all of their classes and sit in the front two rows of all of their classes. Coaches will be checking.  If teachers allow.
  2. No headphones in class. No texting in class.  Be active in class and take notes.
  3. Players that have D’s or F’s will be required to attend study hall.
  4. If a player misses a class, there will be consequences.
  5. No earrings, jewelry or hats are to be worn to meetings or anything associated with football.
  6. No drinking. No drugs.  No stealing.  Treat women with respect.
  7. We will become a true TEAM and learn to impose accountability upon each other. Cliques are over.
  8. Our expectation is to be the best WOODS CROSS team ever.
  9. Players will learn that they would rather practice than milk a minor injury.
  • The focus is on graduating and being successful. Anything extraneous to that is a distraction and will be stamped out or removed.
  • There will be leadership training. Leaders will SEPARATE themselves.
  • Do not do anything to embarrass yourself, your family or the team.
  • The time for talk is over, make a commitment or move on. I would rather do things than talk about things. We just talked.  Now it is time to do.
Address600 West 2200 South
Woods Cross, UT 84087

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